The Gurdjieff Association of the Maritimes
The Halifax/Saint John Groups

The Gurdjieff Association of the Maritimes

The Gurdjieff Association of the Maritimes is an an affiliation of groups in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Saint John, New Brunswick. While both groups work independently, the association undertakes work events and projects that support their interaction. Both groups have members from a group founded in Halifax in 1975 by Mrs. Louise Welch from the New York Gurdjieff Foundation.

While engaging with the traditional forms of the Work—group meetings, study of the psychological and metaphysical ideas, practical work, meditation, music and sacred dance (known as the Movements)—we endeavor to make self-study an integrated practice of daily life.

In 2003, the Gurdjieff Association of the Maritimes began building a facility on the coast between Halifax and Saint John where we meet as a community dedicated to deepening this practice.

The Halifax Gurdjieff Group

Several members of the Halifax Group were part of the original group founded in Halifax by Mrs Welch (from the New York Foundation) in 1975 and worked under her direction until her retirement 1987. As well, members have maintained a close relationship with other groups and individuals in Canada, New York, and abroad.

We meet regularly throughout the year to deepen our understanding and practice of the spiritual teaching brought by Gurdjieff, and to find ways to apply it in the midst of everyday life.

The Saint John Gurdjieff Group

The Saint John Group was begun in 1986 when several members from Halifax relocated in Saint John. We have regular meetings and activities there while continuing to work closely with the Halifax group. Saint John members have provided leadership and resources for the Baie Verte Initiative, a facility on the coast mid-way between the two cities where members from both groups meet to work together.

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