The Baie Verte Initiative

The Baie Verte Initiative was undertaken by The Gurdjieff Association of the Maritimes in response to the need for a facility midway between Halifax and Saint John where people from both groups could regularly meet to work together in an effort to deepen their spiritual search. It was also motivated by the wish to provide an environment where family members, friends, and others with like interests could be included as part of a Work community.

The Northumberland Facility Support Corporation (NFSC) administers this project. It has the mandate to build and maintain a facility intended to support Gurdjieff group activities and to serve as a connection with the larger community of interested and supportive individuals. As a community working with the teaching of G.I. Gurdjieff, our main focus is to foster contemplative and intentional activity. A secondary focus is to develope the property with environmental sensitivity, and to experiment with building materials that are innovative and cost effective.

The Baie Verte community comes together one weekend each month between April and November, and for one full week in August.


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